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With our extensive experience, we can realize installations
on any scale. FMJ is globally certified in Onshore- & Offshore
and offers a 24-hour breakdown service!

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Wheter it's a new construction, orchestration project or maintenance.

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FMJ has an extensive knowledge and experience with different
types of hard- and software. We not shy away from challanges
to provide you the best, customer-oriented solution.

Where people enjoy engineering.

Meet FMJ

The support and optimalisation of your production installation process is our job. By ensuring that your product is manufactured as e...

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The plans for this market are being formulated at current time. If you think you can make a important contribution to the foundatio...

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FMJ can contribute to the manufacturing, service and maintenance of your marine equipment. The broad knowledge and experience present...

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Our highly certified Offshore engineers are up to date with all the latest technical advances in the Offshore industry. This includes...

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When designing or servicing the electrical systems of public buildings and offices, the central theme of FMJ Building Services is "Pe...

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Except the already mentioned markets, FMJ can serve on not mentioned markets as well.   Do you have an assignment or question on ...

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