Overzicht van Working At FMJ

The philosophy of FMJ Group is: people have to work with pleasure. With satisfied employees, who enjoy their job, it is far more easy to receive the quality we consider good.


The employees bring FMJ to a success

To work in the FMJ Group means being part of a versatile group employees who are enthusiastic and who enjoy technics. The versatility comes in our specialities, technicians or mechanics, entrepreneurs, managers, inventors etc. Together we are a specialist in the service of technics.


Satisfied partners

The central point of FMJ are the people. We consider their passion and therefor place our employees on the site where they feel comfortable. This stimulates the quality of the products or services we deliver. Because of this fact, the client will take advantages of our enthusiastic employees. The client will receive skilled service of an employee with a smile.


FMJ is increasing

The increasing of our company is enormous. Hereby, not only the enterprise is growing, also the amount of people who work at FMJ. Because of the growth of our company, employees have excellent career prospects.